Oops !!!

29 Jul

“HIT THE BRAKE!!!! SAHANA, HIT THE BRAAAKE….!!! ” and then came a scrunch and CRASH !!!


“Since you got up late, you are expected to go on driving practice with your aunt…”, Mom called out. As I blinked my eyes to the 8 am daylight, I loathed inside for the luxury of sleep which I borrowed. And now I had to pay it back. 11 am and I was still trying very hard to idle my time, enough to avoid the rendezvous with my aunt and her rash driving skills. But to no avail, I was sitting in the car, driving it around the parkway towards the back gates of the apartments. With no experience of slopes and ramps whatsoever, I played along like it was a normal road until a silver Honda came from nowhere and I rammed my Bee into it. Not much damage to my car but an enviable dent on the side board of the old man’s car. Poor guy, seeing a young girl like me behind the wheel, all he could say was “GRUNT”. I guess he hasn’t yet seen the inch deep dent I so generously inked on his vehicle.

From then I pledged, until I do not get a clearance certificate from dad, I’m not doing my aunt any favor by hitting the asphalt…

Despite the bad start, I hope the rest of my driving stint goes well. Won’t you pray for me… ???


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