History Catches Up…

1 Aug

A surprise call

As much as I wanted to avoid it, it came as a full blown surprise this Sunday morning. My cousin brother who lives in the West called me up. To my dismay, he started complaining about my complacency. Of course, he doesn’t understand the credit limitations of a teenager despite the fact that he has just grown out of it. Knowing that now we have nothing new to talk about, he still poked around for something I might be hiding.

“Ajay, you are 21, you work and earn a living, and you don’t even have to give minutest details of your daily expenditures. How can you expect me to give up the meagre balance on my phone on STD calls???”

“Okay Ms. Busy and Broke, at least, you can tell me of your plans about coming here. I got word you are coming in December. Are you???”

“I am not sure, Ajay.”

“Sahana please… What will I do without you???”

I dreaded the last sentence. I was so desperately trying to swerve the subject of our discussion to a different direction but to no avail. That last statement of his made my heart boil with different emotions at the same time. However I might try but it brought the painful memories back into my mind….. 😦


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