Games Of The Subconscious

2 Aug

As I walked down the stairs of my new apartment, surrounded by small boys and their fascination with a new girl in the apartments, I saw him standing near the elevator with his tall friends. He was wearing a tux and so were his other friends. I looked at him and he looked back, intrigued by the fact that I was swarmed by kids. Suddenly no one was moving…

Back to February. It was 7:30 pm and Iwas walking towards the metro station with him.

“You look very egoistic, its hard to believe you are talking to a girl like me”, I worded carefully as I watched his huge eyes.

The next I remember was a bedroom instead of the parking lot. He lead me inside and laid me down on the king size bed. We lay there for like an hour, clothes to clothes. As I caressed his side fringe, he kissed my forehead gently. 

“I’m really sorry, Dhruv, but I have to go home. My parents would be worried about me.” Saying this, I kissed him back and hopped towards the tube. 

I hate it when the alarm interrupts such a beautiful dream. But two dreams about the same guy is not coincidence. I remembered instances from both the dreams when I felt insecure standing in front of him. If we go by what psychology says, its a way of the mind to tell me that I’m short of confidence. I guess it’s right, because I always felt an insufficiency whenever I saw him, that needs fixing. 

I somehow feel, I’ll meet him soon…


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