Look At Me…

19 Aug

He entered the room, his face stubbly with the reappearing beard and walked past my empty bench, as I kept searching for some sign of recognition in his eyes and my eyes, pleading him to stop and look at me. No, empty eyes, no hint or any tinge of “I-think-I-know-her” expression. That was so disheartening, especially after talking so much about a common subject.

But thankfully, my ‘bad diction’ friend was babbling about the chemistry assignment and that took my mind away from the huge disappointment I felt a few minutes ago. How could he not look at me??? I was wearing my favorite translucent white shirt, its kinda seductive but protective as well. Sigh, what’s the use….

Chemistry was interesting, because for the first time, I had finished an assignment. I know that is so not-like-me but I felt a the “accomplishment” kind of feeling, so yeah… It was good.

He walked past me again. I didn’t give a shit, of course, but still from the corner of my eye, I could see him standing on the aisle, waiting for his buddy. I couldn’t help but look at him, ready to force recognition in his eyes. Just then…

“Hey!!!”, he raised his long brows and my heart just sang in happiness…

“Hey!!! Bye…” I called out as I was walking out of the room. He smiled and returned the comment.

“What??? Why are you giggling like that???” I shot back at Shrishti.

“I’m not the only one smiling, everyone was looking kinda weirdly at you two” she snapped back, part giggling.

I’m still cross with him for not talking more or looking at me the way I wanted him to, but still I’m basking in the happiness. What a silly teenager I am…. šŸ˜›


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