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Bloody Co-incidence…!!!

1 Sep

“I need a blue jeans, please… Dad, please, I know I have so many of them lying at home, but they are all faded…” I chimed as we approached a V2 store which was offering jeans on sale. I was so dead-on to get a navy pencil jeans, that I somehow managed to drive my father into the store and onto the second floor.

“Sahana, just one, find your fit and bring it down. I’m waiting in the lobby for your brother to shop”, Dad added and climbed down.

I tried 3 jeans of different fit and finally, I found 1 for me which was 2 size bigger than my usual fit. On a normal day, I would feel so sad and dejected but today I only felt anger and frustration at myself. I cursed myself all the time I walked back to return the misfit.

As I walked down the stairs, I spotted my dad and walked over to him, holding my pair of jeans. We were waiting for my brother to finish his scanning when I saw a guy looking for shirts. And BANG! He looked exactly like the chocolate boy in my class. I was astonished to see him working away at the shelves. I had to get a closer look. I tried to lounge around him and to my dismay, he was not the person I expected.

He had shorter hair, but the same curls, clean shaven face and taller frame. His sense of dressing was different too, as well as his voice.

“What a bloody coincidence…” I kept thinking all the way home……..