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Ah!!! Distractions Galore…

16 Aug

I really love watching blobs of raindrops sliding down my window pane and the sound of it on the tarpaulin of the metro platform. The rich shade of green that reflects off the trees and the jet black asphalt of roads just makes me go in a temporary trance of some sort. But this particular day I was definitely not in a mood to admire and drool over the wonders of nature. Thanks to my dad, he took me on a late driving practice. By the time I reached the train station, I was already 10 minutes late.

“Fuck, there goes my first seat…” I sighed every time the train paused.

The room was half filled already. I was cursing the rain and the train when I saw that the first seat lacked just one occupant. I was thrilled, partly for the fact that I had found a seat I wanted and also partly for the guy who was sitting on it with his friend. 

“Do you mind if I sit here?” I swooned with the sweetest voice I could use.

The boys hesitated but gave way to the corner side of the seat. I couldn’t help but listen their gawks and laugh along. After the class, the hunkie beside me was discussing music when I asked him, “Why are you called CHOCOLATE BOY?” He was a bit taken aback but after a short bout of silence he replied, smiling devilishly, “Because, I’m a flirt. I can really flirt very well, you know…”  All I could say was an interested UH-HUH… But unfortunately, I couldn’t see his face. How could I when I was hyper ventilating right beside him??? But 15 minutes flew away so fast, I couldn’t even realise. Now, all I wanna do is see him again……….. 🙂


History Catches Up…

1 Aug

A surprise call

As much as I wanted to avoid it, it came as a full blown surprise this Sunday morning. My cousin brother who lives in the West called me up. To my dismay, he started complaining about my complacency. Of course, he doesn’t understand the credit limitations of a teenager despite the fact that he has just grown out of it. Knowing that now we have nothing new to talk about, he still poked around for something I might be hiding.

“Ajay, you are 21, you work and earn a living, and you don’t even have to give minutest details of your daily expenditures. How can you expect me to give up the meagre balance on my phone on STD calls???”

“Okay Ms. Busy and Broke, at least, you can tell me of your plans about coming here. I got word you are coming in December. Are you???”

“I am not sure, Ajay.”

“Sahana please… What will I do without you???”

I dreaded the last sentence. I was so desperately trying to swerve the subject of our discussion to a different direction but to no avail. That last statement of his made my heart boil with different emotions at the same time. However I might try but it brought the painful memories back into my mind….. 😦

Oops !!!

29 Jul

“HIT THE BRAKE!!!! SAHANA, HIT THE BRAAAKE….!!! ” and then came a scrunch and CRASH !!!


“Since you got up late, you are expected to go on driving practice with your aunt…”, Mom called out. As I blinked my eyes to the 8 am daylight, I loathed inside for the luxury of sleep which I borrowed. And now I had to pay it back. 11 am and I was still trying very hard to idle my time, enough to avoid the rendezvous with my aunt and her rash driving skills. But to no avail, I was sitting in the car, driving it around the parkway towards the back gates of the apartments. With no experience of slopes and ramps whatsoever, I played along like it was a normal road until a silver Honda came from nowhere and I rammed my Bee into it. Not much damage to my car but an enviable dent on the side board of the old man’s car. Poor guy, seeing a young girl like me behind the wheel, all he could say was “GRUNT”. I guess he hasn’t yet seen the inch deep dent I so generously inked on his vehicle.

From then I pledged, until I do not get a clearance certificate from dad, I’m not doing my aunt any favor by hitting the asphalt…

Despite the bad start, I hope the rest of my driving stint goes well. Won’t you pray for me… ???

A Rare Bond

28 Jul

I went with dad for early morning driving practice. Despite the fact that I consider taking innumerable U-turns a really boring and tiring exercise, I still like my behind-the-wheel practices. Because this is the only time that I’m bonding with my dad. We are actually just two clones except the fact that I’m female. Usually we are silent statues while we travel but when it’s practice time, we are two mutually interacting adults, arguing and joking about the brake that was forbidden by my foot or the indicator that failed my reach… Now that I’m better off at my start ups and obstacle tackles, after a few days we’ll definitely hit the asphalt. I can’t wait to upgrade to level: main road. Till then, I’ll love the argue sessions I have with dad…