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Opposites Attract !!!

30 Sep

Since the last 17 years and 11 months of my life on this planet, I have happened to come across completely opposite personalities. It gives me an eerie feeling that my life is a working model of physics! Law of Electrostatics states that “UNLIKE CHARGES ATTRACT”……..

“Hi!!! Whatz up???” I typed with my free hand as I flipped the pages of my assignment.

“Nothing much, Sahana… Did u join my fb page???” Pat came the reply.

“No, I’m an atheist actually so I don’t really believe in any particular religion”

“It really matters to me…”‘ the phone buzzed with the message and then, silence….

A few weeks later, I was reading all the religious notes and the endless debates he was into with countless people. I was amazed at the amount of research he does, being a student himself. Again, opposites…

He is ardently into his faith, I’m floating in a trance… He is egoistic and aggressive, I’m calmer…. He’s so many things that I’m not… The biggest of all, he’s a Muslim, I’m a Hindu (by birth, not by choice)…

However gravity I may experience from his personality, I know we can’t be together…